Consulting and Custom Software Development

ArtfulBitsCZ provides a wide range of IT consutling and custom software application development services along with associated processes. It has strong experience in the following areas:

Full-scale applications and business solutions

  • Data management solutions
  • Business Processes management
  • Workflow Management

SharePoint® and Dynamics CRM®

ArtfulBitsCZ uses the SharePoint 2010 business collaboration platform to build enterprise-class solutions for intranet portals and the web.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a sophisticated business application platform that provides the basic services required by ISVs, VARs, and even business analysts to build upon. A wide range of applications can be created with this platform.

Deep knowledge and understanding of both platforms' internals and architecture gives us ability to provide world-class solutions and help our customers to boost SharePoint and Dynamics CRM productivity to the maximum.

ASP.NET sites and web services

Since Web is essential part of today's applications, ArtfulBitsCZ helps its clients to gain from web-oriented client interfaces and service-based distributed applications.

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