About Us

ArtfulBitsCZ is a software development company with the following technological focuses:

  • .NET desktop/server development
  • ASP.NET and related technologies/frameworks
  • Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation/Server
  • Microsoft® Dynamics® CRM


ArtfulBitsCZ was founded in 2007 in Zlin, Czech Republic as an independent development center aimed to Central-European and Western-European markets. Company was in close partnership with Ukraine-based ArtfulBits mainly in the sales field due to geographical and economic advantages.

In 2011 ArtfulBitsCZ focused on development of own products and solutions.

Development Team

Our development team consists of experienced and highly qualified IT specialists, project managers and developers. Majority of our specialists were passionate .NET pioneers which enthusiastically supported .NET-family frameworks from the very beginning, evolved along with Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET frameworks and Windows OS platform therefore can prove deep knowledge and extensive experience in these tehnologies.

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